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Health Initiative Meeting - May 2017

Tuesday, May 16, 2017 - 10:00am

The next Health Initiative quarterly meeting is packed with experts bringing you the latest info on critical issues, including the state budget’s provisions related to health and federal ACA repeal and replace efforts.

Preparing a Disaster Response

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Anticipating community crises and preparing your foundation to adapt and respond quickly are key opportunities for community foundation leaders today. Hear from Mike Parks, Jeanne Holihan and Eleanor Comyns, as they share how The Dayton Foundation has responded to three distinct disasters – a history-making series of tornadoes in May 2019, a deadly mass shooting in August 2019 and the current coronavirus pandemic – and how each dictates different approaches in both the community and grants process.

COVID-19 Support - Listserv Responses

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COVID-19 support – The Ohio Department of Health has reached out to Philanthropy Ohio to both gather information and inform you of needs they are hearing. In particular, we want to gather information on whether your organization – whether through a specific COVID-19 crisis fund or collaboration or through other organizational funds – is providing support directly to individuals.


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