Women in Philanthropy Summit

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Otterbein University, in partnership with Bowling Green State University and the University of Findlay, hosted a two-day Women in Philanthropy Summit to start the conversation around improving gender equality by investing in women, as well as the power of women in philanthropy. Keynote speakers were Dr. MusimbiKanyoro, president and CEO of the Global Fund for Women, and Katie Koch, senior portfolio strategist and chief of staff for the Goldman Sachs Asset Management Office of the Chairman, United Kingdom, in addition to many other speakers and panels.

Ohio’s Education Budget 2016-2017

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No matter what your interests – as a taxpayer, funder of education programs, employer or parent – you will benefit from a review of the state’s efforts to prepare the next generation of citizens. Philanthropy Ohio’s webinar will include updates on key education policies and the associated budget considerations shaping early childhood to post-secondary reforms.

Understanding Millenials

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When you understand generational differences, you can maximize the potential of different age cohorts as colleagues, future leaders, and donors. This webinar provides a foundational understanding of the seven traits that drive today’s twenty-somethings. Content by Columbus-based company Lextant.

Change and Resilience

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Constant change means that you need to the skills to quickly redirect your activities and retain focus within your scope of philanthropic work. Our upcoming webinar will help you do just this, as it is designed to help you understand the change cycles we all experience and create coping mechanisms to personally navigate change more effectively.

Lights! Camera! Action!

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Telling your story to the world is one of the most important things an organization must do to reach potential donors but producing a video can be daunting, expensive and outside your comfort zone and expertise. Learn how to be the executive producer of your fundraising video, from making the decision to choosing vendors or doing it yourself.

Let's Talk Philanthropy -- Womenomics

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This month’s topic: Womenomics. The term may be new but the concept is simple: invest in women and change the world. From research we know that women control 83 percent of consumer purchases, they globally comprise 66 percent of the workforce, and yet nationally women who work full time earn 81 cents for every dollar a man earns. Investing in the potential of women and girls creates a ripple effect for the community as a whole. Suzanne Allen, President of Philanthropy Ohio, will be your guide and host.

Education Impact: Ohio's Next Education Budget

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Ohio’s Mid-Biennium Review (MBR) bill enacted in 2012 produced dozens of reforms, budget adjustments and efficiencies as well as policy changes related to K-12 and higher education, workforce development, energy and health care and human services. This year’s MBR will similarly introduce additional budget modifications and policy changes that could have implications for funders and the grantees you support.

Rising Tide Lifts LGBTQ Issues: Full Program

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Rising Tide explored the people, the stories, the issues, and the programs that comprise the landscape of Cleveland's local LGBTQ community. Learn what's happening related to LGBTQ programming in youth, families, aging, health, employment, or social justice – from a wealth of local and national experts.

Not Your Grandma’s Pie Chart: Infographics and Data Visualization

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Communicating visually through infographics is one of the easiest ways to explain complex concepts, demonstrate an organization’s impact or share accomplishments. A picture is worth a thousand words and infographics are an amazing way to tell your foundation’s story without overwhelming readers.

Results of Nonprofit Finance Fund 2013 State of the Sector Survey

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While organizations show slight signs of financial improvement, this is also the 5th straight year in which they reported dramatic increases in service demand. 78% of respondents reported an increase in demand for services, about half of respondents weren’t able to meet that demand. Organizations that work on the front lines saw even greater community need, with 85% of respondents that served low income communities reporting demand increases and 63% unable to meet that need.
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