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Ohio’s Charter Landscape: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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It is critical for grantmakers to understand the performance of schools in their local communities and across the state. Thomas B. Fordham Institute shared recent research on Ohio's charter school landscape; school report card ratings and performance; and policy recommendations and recent legislative policies introduced to strengthen charter schools across Ohio.

Fast Pitch, Funding with Innovation

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Fast Pitch is a technique borrowed from the venture capital and startup community. It is a way to showcase and accelerate non-profits. During this webinar you will hear reflections on what traditional philanthropy can learn from SVP’s model.

Do The Community Justice

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Partnerships that include “access to justice” as a strategy can address poverty more effectively by extending the impact of narrowly-focused social service approaches supported by funders. During this webinar, you will hear examples of successful Ohio collaborations that advance desired outcomes in health, education, housing and jobs through civil legal aid.

Supporting Cross-Sector Collaboration

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The Fund for Our Economic Future argues that cross-sector collaboration is the key to making progress on big goals like economic development and educational parity. However, the complexity of a collective approach may scare away community leaders who prefer to manage programs in silos and measure progress with simple metrics like “jobs added” or “percent increase in test scores.” Join us for an examination of philanthropy’s role in a process that addresses Ohio’s core issues more holistically and with the assumption of shared investment.

Five Trends on the Philanthropic Horizon

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Join our virtual tour of five trends that are likely to affect your philanthropic practice in the next few years. While no one can predict exactly what's going to happen in the future, seasoned philanthropy veteran Kris Putnam-Walkerly promises you a glance into her “semi-opaque crystal ball.”

Understanding Millenials

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When you understand generational differences, you can maximize the potential of different age cohorts as colleagues, future leaders, and donors. This webinar provides a foundational understanding of the seven traits that drive today’s twenty-somethings. Content by Columbus-based company Lextant.


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