Consultancy Collective at Philanthropy Ohio


The Consultancy Collective at Philanthropy Ohio is a consulting practice where we connect you -- our members – to expert consultants through a careful vetting and matchmaking process that taps into Ohio-based consultants with experience working with foundations. Managed by Executive-in-Residence Claudia Herrold and Senior Vice President for Operations & Strategy Mary Dunbar, this new service can help you find and engage expert consultants to address your core operational needs, including:

  • Board Governance
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Evaluation
  • Executive Coaching
  • Human Resources
  • Strategic Planning

Our consultants have been carefully vetted through an application and interview process, with an emphasis on meeting the following criteria:

  • Successful prior engagement with foundation clients
  • Understanding of the philanthropic sector and how it operates
  • Significant experience as a consultant, including credentialing
  • Understanding of and support for the Philanthropy Ohio network and our mission, vision and values

Why You Should Use the Consultancy Collective

Hiring a consultant:

  • Brings an outside, experienced voice and perspective
  • Allows key staff and board to fully participate in discussions, as you are freed from the facilitation role
  • Saves you time searching for just the right consultant and developing the work plan, as we do that for and with you
  • Is cost effective, as all our consultants can work with you virtually, saving travel and in-person expenses.

All our consultants are deep listeners who are equipped to manage difficult conversations, helping reach agreement without imposing a “one size fits all” approach. They will customize their processes and methods to suit your unique needs and identities, understanding that each foundation brings its own culture, worldview and dynamics. And, if the pandemic saw you changing processes and priorities or if you are going through or contemplating leadership transitions, a consultant can help you sort through options to set strategic direction and solve problems.

How it Works

Once you have decided to look for a consultant to help with any of the needs listed above, complete the Contact Us form below. Our staff will connect with you about your needs, timeline and budget, which Claudia will use to identify a consultant well-suited to help you. We’ll schedule an initial “meet and greet” with your team, our staff and the proposed consultant, followed by a conversation with you to assess moving forward. The next step is developing a proposal for the work, signing a work plan and the consultation begins. Philanthropy Ohio will monitor the progress of the project, checking in frequently to make sure things are going smoothly and to address any concerns or challenges.

Philanthropy Ohio will provide invoices, and half of the payment is due to Philanthropy Ohio within 30 days of signing the work plan. Philanthropy Ohio will pay the consultant after retaining our fee, and the remainder is due within 30 days of completion. At the conclusion of the engagement, we will ask you to complete an evaluation and provide feedback on your experience. For questions about the process, please contact Mary Dunbar.