Diversity Resources and Reports

American Philanthropic Diversity: What it Means, Why it Matters
Report from Philanthropy Roundtable explores religious, geographical and philosophical diversity in American Philanthropy. March 2009.

Benchmarking Diversity: A First Look at New York City Foundations and Nonprofits
A study by Philanthropy New York and the Foundation Center that looks at 95 foundations and 560 nonprofits concerning diversity, organizational practices and demographics of staff, leadership, grantees and communities served. October 2009.

Building on a Better Foundation: A toolkit for creating an inclusive grantmaking organization
Resource developed by Regional Associations of Grantmakers in CA, IL, MN, and NY provides discussion questions, suggested actions and examples for foundations to increase diversity and inclusion in their roles as funders, employers, community citizens and economic entities. July 2001.

Diversity & Inclusion: Lessons from the Field
Report by Council on Foundations and Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors that explores the link between diversity and effectiveness by sharing challenges, successes and stories of philanthropic leaders. Second in a series of three reports. December 2008.

Diversity in Action: Strategies with Impact 
Report by Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors and Council on Foundations in which foundation leaders share their experiences with implementation of diversity and inclusion efforts, highlighting issues of  board development, staffing, community outreach and more effective grantmaking. Third in a series of three reports. July 2009.

Effective Philanthropy: Organizational Success through Deep Diversity and Gender Equality
Book by Mary Ellen S. Capek (Senior Advising Consultant, DPP) and Molly Mead has case studies and model initiatives of successful foundations and provides information on becoming a learning organization that is more effective and innovative. 2006.

Foundation Diversity Policies & Practices Toolkit
This report from the California Endowment and Social Policy Research Associates presents a sampling of policy and practice documents from philanthropic organizations around the nation that address diversity and inclusion issues including: policy statements, organizational governance, grantmaking, vendor practices, and investments. May 2009.

The Meaning and Impact of Board and Staff Diversity in the Philanthropic Field
Research study by Joint Affinity Groups that examines diversity in philanthropy, gives a history of staffing diversity trends in foundations utilizing surveys, case studies, and exploring best practices in different types of foundations—community, independent, and corporate. May 2002.

Philanthropy in a Changing Society: Achieving Effectiveness through Diversity
Report by Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors provides a history of the evolution of philanthropy’s approach to diversity and inclusion with an overview of strategies, programs and tools that have been developed and employed. First in a series of three reports. April 2008.

Racial, Ethnic and Tribal Philanthropy Knowledge Center
Resource provided by The Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers has numerous resources with information, stories and profiles related to racial, ethnic and tribal philanthropy.

The Voice of Nonprofit Talent: Perceptions of Diversity in the Workplace
This national study from the Commongood Careers & Level Playing Field Institute reports that nonprofit employees see their organizations as valuing diversity, yet don't feel that this translates into actions to make their organizations more inclusive and diverse. The report offers strategies for organizations to build and sustain diversity. April 2011.


Using a Different Diversity Lens
Using a Different Diversity Lens to Situate Power and Leadership, by john a. powell. October 2011

Advancing Diversity and Inclusion in Ohio Philanthropy
Promoting Diversity: Best Practice Lessons From the Field, by Henry A. J. Ramos, Mauer Kunst Consulting. May 2013