Ohio’s State Budget Update

Thursday, March 11, 2021 -
2:30pm to 3:30pm

Learn about the state’s biennium budget, its impact on your work and how Philanthropy Ohio is engaging in the Ohio General Assembly’s deliberations


Housing + Gender Infographic 2022

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A new infographic and report from the Affordable Housing Alliance of Central Ohio explores the unique challenges Central Ohio women encounter when seeking safe, stable, affordable housing. Woman face an upbill battle in the housing market with greater insecurity and higher costs than male peers.

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Philanthropy Ohio statement to Ohio General Assembly Conference Committee

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Philanthropy ohio submitted comments to the state's conference committee, highlighting key provisions to be included or taken out of the state budget, which include reinstating the Step Up To Quality program; removing language requiring affordable housing projects be appraised for tax purposes at full market value; supporting the inclusion of a new funding formula for K-12 education; and maintaining the 12-month access for postpartum care under the Medicaid program.

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Philanthropy’s Role in Advancing Housing Stability Meeting Resources

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The April homelessness and housing stability meeting provided updates about key federal, state and local housing policies in Ohio and philanthropy’s role in moving the needle. Participants heard lessons learned from local community partners, the Lorain County Urban League and the Cincinnati Community Action Agency of Hamilton County, and additionally learned how federal CARES Act funding has been used to provide families and communities with rental assistance, eviction prevention and access to safe, affordable housing.

Rising Tide Lifts LGBTQ Issues: Full Program

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Rising Tide explored the people, the stories, the issues, and the programs that comprise the landscape of Cleveland's local LGBTQ community. Learn what's happening related to LGBTQ programming in youth, families, aging, health, employment, or social justice – from a wealth of local and national experts.


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