Health Initiative Meeting - August 21, 2018

Tuesday, August 21, 2018 -
10:00am to 2:00pm

Explore the connections between Medicaid coverage and employment as Ohio awaits word on its submitted 1115 Medicaid waiver that includes a work requirement.

Let’s Talk Philanthropy – Equity and Opportunity

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Join Mark Lomax II, D.M.A. and Suzanne Allen, Ph.D. for a thoughtful conversation about the intersectionality of poverty, race and opportunity. Listen in to learn about efforts to create a better future for young men and women aged 18-26 and how foundations can activate their funds to make important changes in community.


2020 Jobs & Gender Outlook

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Job growth in our region is not likely to result in uniform prosperity for both genders. A recently-released report, undertaken by the leadership of The Women’s Fund of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation, unpacks this prediction and illustrates the impact for marginalized populations.

Results of Nonprofit Finance Fund 2013 State of the Sector Survey

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While organizations show slight signs of financial improvement, this is also the 5th straight year in which they reported dramatic increases in service demand. 78% of respondents reported an increase in demand for services, about half of respondents weren’t able to meet that demand. Organizations that work on the front lines saw even greater community need, with 85% of respondents that served low income communities reporting demand increases and 63% unable to meet that need.

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