Jillian Coppley

Name: Dr. Jillian Coppley

Organization’s Name: Mayerson Academy 

How I can help you (my areas of expertise) check all that apply:

  • Human Resources – Executive coaching, strengths-based team development, positive work cultures and change management.
  • Strategic Planning – Design, delivery and documentation of facilitated shared vision work sessions, new program and partnership development sessions and long and short-term strategic planning for individual organizations and collaborations.

Types of consulting projects I like to engage in: Applying a strengths-based and appreciative perspective in all of my work. My expertise and decades of experience are centered in designing effective, strategic conversations for groups and individuals. Working with groups within or across organizations, I excel in bringing divergent voices to name and embrace shared visions and articulate meaningful strategies for success. I am also passionate about working with leaders to authentically explore the issues they want to address to advance their own development and the development of their organization in manner that makes it possibly for everyone to thrive. 

My ideal client would be… Someone who cares deeply about the work in which they are engaged and who sees a ready connection to how the work we craft together will help realize the vision they hold for their organization’s highest and best possibility; can commit the required effort to make the work successful; and has the ability to champion the work and engage staff and colleagues to see the opportunity the work presents. 

Years I’ve been consulting: 15 years in various nonprofit leadership roles. 

What drew you to work with the nonprofit sector? The prominence of purpose, meaning and the opportunity to contribute to the greater good are deeply aligned to my personal mission statement and are what make the nonprofit sector compelling. 

Most recent book I’ve read: I usually read two books at a time – one fiction and one nonfiction. I am currently reading “Bewildered” by the extraordinary Richard Powers (author of the Overstory) and I am re-reading, again, “Presence” by Amy Cuddy. I highly recommend them both! 

When not working I like to … When not working, you can find me active and outside! I enjoy most individual sports and particularly enjoy snow skiing, water skiing, tennis and hot yoga. I also love adventure travel, cooking for friends and live music.