Kate Higgins

Name: Kate Higgins

Organization’s Name: Kate & Co. Advisors 

How I can help you (my areas of expertise) check all that apply: 

  • Human Resources 

Types of consulting projects I like to engage in: I am flexible to partner with clients with ongoing needs or specific initiatives or projects.

Projects outside my purview: My HR expertise is wide-ranging. That said, talent acquisition is a niche for search firms, and I am happy to refer organizations to trusted search partners. 

My ideal client would be… An organization that genuinely cares and respects its people and believes in the value of human resource strategy and practical application to operate effectively and sustain a positive and productive work environment.

Years I’ve been consulting: 5 years consulting; 21 years of business and human resource experience. 

What drew you to work with the nonprofit sector? Nonprofits genuinely put their hearts and souls into fulfilling their organizational purposes to serve others and advocate for the betterment of all.

Most recent book I’ve read: Jessica Bruder’s “Nomadland”

When not working I like to … Enjoy my family, our dog and spend time on the shores of Lake Erie in Lakeside, Ohio.