Claudia Herrold to retire, become first Philanthropy Ohio Executive-In-Residence

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Philanthropy Ohio Staff Announcement

Claudia Herrold to retire, become first Philanthropy Ohio Executive-In-Residence

Philanthropy Ohio today announced the retirement of Claudia Herrold, chief communications and public policy officer. After a tenure of 23 years, Herrold will become the organization’s first executive-in-residence and will serve as the philanthropy liaison for public/private partnerships. In this role, Herrold will maintain relationships with the Governor’s office and other administrative and statewide offices, including those of the treasurer and Attorney General. She will be senior advisor to the president and CEO and advance the organization and field through writing and participating in the Ohio Philanthropy Collective and other convenings. In addition, she will co-manage the organization’s pilot Consultancy Collective.

Herrold’s career at Philanthropy Ohio began in 1998 when she served as director, private & family foundation services & external relations; in 2001 she became the director, public policy & SW regional programs (until 2005) before becoming vice president and then chief communications and public policy officer. As a “veteran” employee, she has seen the organization grow into its current vision.

Herrold has enjoyed working in the field she’s long had a passion for – passions that started in high school when she worked in her first political campaign and was editor of her high school newspaper. She built her skills and knowledge in journalism and politics when she attended college in Washington, D.C., and then graduate school at the University of Michigan, receiving degrees in political science. 

During her tenure, the organization began its focus on state health and education policy, lobbying with members to advance systems change through work with the General Assembly and four governors and continued its advocacy at the federal level to increase charitable giving and other measures to strengthen the philanthropic sector. Most recently she pioneered and led a public-private partnership with Governor DeWine’s office and the Ohio Department of Education, the Ohio Collaborative for Educating Remotely and Transforming Schools Fund that awarded $5.7 million last year to help districts and schools pivot to remote instruction. 

Deborah Aubert Thomas, president & CEO, said, “We are thrilled to retain our relationship with Claudia and welcome her as executive-in-residence. Her continued leadership provides the opportunity for Philanthropy Ohio to continue developing and nurturing public/private partnerships that advance the field of philanthropy in Ohio.”

Leslie Dunford, board chair, said, “Ohio’s philanthropic sector has certainly benefitted from Claudia’s leadership and tireless advocacy. Her deep knowledge of our field and the inner workings of state government has advanced our understanding of the importance of public policy in addressing statewide challenges. How lucky we are to continue to work with Claudia in her new role as executive-in-residence.” 

Herrold’s transition to the executive residence role will begin January 1, 2022.

Join us in congratulating Claudia Herrold on her retirement! 

Deborah Aubert Thomas
President & CEO
Philanthropy Ohio
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