Why you should attend Philanthropy Forward ’20 virtually this year

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

It has been my honor and privilege to serve as Co-Chair of the Philanthropy Forward ‘20 Planning Committee. While this year’s event looks a little different as we gather virtually, our purpose is the same. This meeting represents an opportunity to renew our collective commitment to Ohio’s bright future and the critical role that philanthropy has in maintaining this state’s momentum. This year’s conference will provide ample opportunity to advance the conversation around the role of philanthropy in responding to seminal moments that have and continue to occur across our state, country, and the world. 

This year, we are focused on coming together to design a clear, inclusive vision for philanthropy centered on recovery, resiliency and an equitable future for all. And we’ll examine historic challenges that our communities have faced in the past and that we are facing this year, as well as the momentous opportunity to rebuild stronger than we were before the pandemic and widespread racial unrest. 

For these reasons and many more, I extend a warm welcome to all and encourage you to register for this year’s conference. Together, we can build better communities, that are equitable and safe spaces for every individual. 

KeyBank has been a proud partner of Philanthropy Ohio from its very beginning. We believed in the revolutionary idea that when individuals focused on philanthropy in all shapes and forms come together, it is possible to reshape and revitalize communities and the way in which its members care for one another, not just in Ohio, but around the nation and world. 

At Key, we believe being part of the community means working to make it better, and we are pleased and proud to return this year as a platinum sponsor for the conference. Like the members of Philanthropy Ohio, my colleagues at KeyBank and I believe that building a better world starts in the places we call home and in the communities in which we work. And day in and day out across our enterprise, we are committed to helping our clients and our communities thrive.  

Thank you for sharing in that commitment, and for being here to design a clear, inclusive vision for our communities. It’s the dedication of many committed members of the philanthropy community, like you, that will bring the vision to life. Together with you, we share a commitment to lock arms, lift up and look forward to a bright future that makes Ohio all it can be…  All it should be...  And all it deserves to be.    

Thank you! 

Karen A. White
Sr. Vice President
Community Relations and Corporate Initiatives


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