Phillip Cunningham

Name: Philip Cunningham

Organization’s Name: Mayerson Academy 

How I can help you (my areas of expertise) check all that apply:

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Human Resources
  • Strategic Planning

Types of consulting projects I like to engage in: I love to help teams build a better future for themselves by increasing the team's capacity, providing the framework for hard conversations, facilitating strategic plan conversations and coaching and building leaders. I also offer sessions on psychological safety, radical candor and creating inclusive cultures that help prepare organizations for deep diving into DEI.

Projects outside my purview: I am not THE comprehensive source for DEI. What I am great at is setting the proper tone for the organization to prepare for a conversation that supports the work of creating an organization that is inclusive and anti-racist.

My ideal client would be… An organization preparing for a better future and is committed to increasing the capacity of their teams, their leadership and building culture. I can be highly skilled at developing high-potential leaders and building strong teams.

Years I’ve been consulting: I have been at Mayerson for three years, and I have been consulting with nonprofits, corporations, entrepreneurs and coaching leaders for 10 years. 

What drew you to work with the nonprofit sector? Nonprofits are doing the work to impact communities. What is missing is the opportunity or the dollars to focus on building capacity. I focus on that because I believe that solid teams inside nonprofits will benefit everyone from the organization, including the clients they serve. Which is why I focus my efforts on this sector to help those who need it most.

Most recent book I’ve read: “Rules of the Red Rubber Ball” by Kevin Carroll

When not working I like to … Travel and be with my family.