Redistricting is the process of redrawing district boundaries to guarantee equal voter representation. Philanthropy voices in this process play a critical role in advancing democratic values and ensuring fair districts are drawn. The Redistricting Affinity Group is a new member-driven coalition that seeks to inform and engage members in the 2021 processes for redrawing Ohio’s legislative districts for state and federal officials. Participation is open to all Philanthropy Ohio funder members. By joining the affinity group, you’ll:

  • Learn about the redistricting processes and policies at the state and federal levels;
  • Explore ways to connect with and potentially align with other organizations working on the issue; and
  • Identify principles and ways to advocate for fair redistricting that will represent all areas of the state.

The Redistricting Affinity Group will connect virtually throughout 2021. Contact Vincent Coleman for more information or to join this member coalition.




Philanthropy Ohio Redistricting Affinity Group Update - August 2021
Fair Districts = Fair Elections Coalition

Redistricting Reform Will Be In Full Effect for New Map  
State Redistricting Law
Ohio Bipartisan Redistricting Commission Amendment

Watch Philanthropy Ohio’s webinar on Ohio’s redistricting process (Philanthropy Ohio members only)


These images compare Ohio's current congressional map of 16 districts and’s map, which uses the new rules for a 15-district map (when Ohio likely will lose a seat in Congress as a result of the 2020 census). Ohio Secretary of State; Rich Exner,