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Education Impact: Ohio's New Learning Standards

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Ohio has been at the forefront of education policy reform and is one of several states that adopted English Language Arts and Math common core standards (along with the creating of new standards in other subjects, such as science and social studies.) Philanthropy Ohio education initiative project director Lisa Gray provided an overview of: Common Core myth vs. fact; what Ohio's new learning standards mean for schools/districts and families in communities; and how foundation leaders can support improved student achievement. (October 23, 2013)
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Carrie Avery on Getting Dramatic Results with Relatively Small Grants

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Carrie Avery, the President and Board Chair of the Durfee Foundation, represents the third generation of Averys to take the helm of the family foundation. A lawyer by training, Carrie currently chairs the board of the National Center for Family Philanthropy in addition to leading Durfee and infusing her family’s foundation with her own brand of creative philanthropy.
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Education Impact: Complete College Ohio

Brett Visger, Deputy Chancellor, Institutional Collaboration, Ohio Board of Regents kicked off the program by providing an overview of Ohio's college completion efforts including results of the Complete College Ohio Task Force that was commissioned by the Board of Regents to develop a strategic set of recommendations with tactical options for increasing the percentage of Ohioans with degrees. Ronald E. Abrams, Ed.D., president, Ohio Association of Community College, who serves on the Task Force and leads other education advocacy efforts around the state, shared specific initiatives being undertaken by community colleges. (April 29, 2013)
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