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The Sustainability Costing Tool

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Indiana Philanthropy Alliance, Council of Michigan Foundations and Philanthropy Ohio are pleased to provide you the Sustainability Costing Tool. It is our hope that community foundations will use this tool to generate data that will empower them to develop a path toward sustainability.

2012-2015 Emergency Grant Closing Report and Best Practices

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Great Lakes Higher Education Guaranty Corporation - By complementing the existing financial aid system, and helping to compensate for some of its key weaknesses, emergency grants can help ensure that students have their basic needs met so that they can focus on their education. Large numbers of undergraduates struggle with hunger and even homelessness, and students indicate that just-in-time financial assistance provided by trustworthy service providers at their colleges is needed and welcomed.

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Guide to Evaluating Collective Impact

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Practical guidance for planning and implementing evaluations of collective impact initiatives. Leaders of collective impact initiatives need an approach to performance measurement and evaluation that is as multi-faceted, responsive, and flexible as the initiatives themselves. This three-part guide offers detailed advice on how to plan for and implement effective performance measurement and evaluation activities in the context of collective impact.

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