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Travel Expense Policies - Listserv Postback 9/18/2019

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Listserv Question -  We are sending one full-time salaried employee and two part-time hourly employees to an out-of-town conference for 3 days (that includes Sunday for travel).  They are getting reimbursed for travel expenses and hotel.  I'm not sure how to handle meal expenses (a daily stipend?) and how the employees should be compensated while they are gone (hourly wages?  If so, how many hours per day -- just the hours they are actually attending the conference?).  We have not done this before -- it was always either myself or our VP and we took no additional benefits for the time away.  Can any of you offer any advice?  

Newsletter Best Practices - 08.05.19

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Information Request: Print vs digital newsletters

Do you mail a printed newsletter or have you moved your newsletter to an online medium?
Why have you made the decision to continue with print or move to digital?
What is a success you have achieved in your communications or a takeaway you can share?

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