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Value Assigned for Volunteer Time

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Query: A family foundation colleague asked that we post this query on their behalf: “Our foundation currently offers a matching gift for donations up to $10,000 made by any member and trustee. To date, these have been cash grants. We are interested to know if other foundations consider volunteer time as part of the match and if so, what is the value used for each hour volunteered?
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Multi-year Grant Awards - Post Back Summary

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A Philanthropy Ohio colleague would like to know if other community foundations have policies or practices regarding commitments to multi-year grant awards. Specifically, they want to know if community foundations generally do, or do not, make multi-year grant awards and what are some of the reasons for doing or not doing this practice?

Restricted Fund for Local Veterans - Post Back Summary

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A Philanthropy Ohio community foundation colleague would like to know if anyone has been successful in creating a restricted or donor-advised fund that benefits local veterans in your community. If so, could you please share a document or specifics on how it works including what charitable organization that it flows through?
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