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A Glance Back at 2021

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Reflecting on the past year and how much our collective work has changed, we are heartened by how you strengthened meaningful collaborations and skills, built genuine relationships, engaged in important policywork and authentically centered equity. At a time where you needed access to information more than ever, you found it at Philanthropy Ohio – your network created for funders by funders. We’re grateful for your participation in this statewide network and are pleased to present this glance back at 2021.

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Philanthropy Review Winter 2021

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The Philanthropy Review 2021 winter edition member newsletter features a conversation with four colleagues on how philanthropy is evolving; a look back on policywork in 2021; the achievements of this year’s philanthropy awardees; a thank you to our volunteers; and spotlights on David Abbott, Carol Hone and more!

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Philanthropy Review Summer 2021

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The Philanthropy Review 2021 summer edition member newsletter features a new series to build nonprofit capacity and enhance impact for members and grantees; tips on reviewing your investment policy statement; the results of the 2020 membership satisfaction survey; guidance on succession planning; the Philanthropy Forward ’21 plenary speakers and much more!


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