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A Generation of Impact? Engaging the Next Gen for the Best Future of Family Philanthropy Webinar Recording

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View this Midwest Family Foundation Webinar hosted by Indiana Philanthropy Alliance to learn what next gen donor research tells us about how they want to be engaged in family giving, how they are learning and crafting their philanthropic identities, how they think about stewardship and legacy and what you can do to help them become the donors we all need them to be.

Adapting and Reimagining our Grantmaking Webinar Recording

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This Midwest Community Foundation Webinar hosted by the Council of Michigan Foundations explored these timely questions: What is your purpose as a grantmaker now and into the future? How are you adapting your grantmaking to stay accountable to your community, particularly Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) communities? What is the story that your foundation wants to tell about this experience five years from now?

Education Initiative Meeting – October 2020

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The October meeting focused on Ohio's current and prospective education policy landscape and efforts to address COVID-19’s continuing impact on Ohio schools. The meeting included a presentation on the latest framework for school funding and updates from the Ohio Department of Education and the Ohio Collaborative for Education Remotely and Transforming Schools public-private partnership.

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