All Ohio Common Grant Forms in a single zip file

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September 27, 2013

The Ohio Common Grant Forms are easy to use by funders and grantees alike. The forms have clear instructions and new technology to make them user-friendly.

Philanthropy Ohio provides the forms as “unlocked” Microsoft Word documents that allow branding by individual funders.  In addition, grantseekers can download them to a computer and then type and format responses directly into the forms.

Please note: Philanthropy Ohio does not provide grants. Forms should be submitted to the grantmaking agency and not to Philanthropy Ohio.

Using the Ohio Common Grant Forms:

  • enable you to get complete, consistent information from grantseekers;
  • allow “apples to apples” comparison of proposals;
  • result in better proposals that are easier to read and evaluate; and
  • meet application and reporting requirements in multi-funder collaborative initiatives.

These Common Grant Forms are the result of a collaborative effort between funder and nonprofit organizations working to streamline the grantseeking process. Currently, more than 30 funders across the state accept one or more of the forms.

Ohio Common Grant Forms 
Budget Form for Fiscal Year (Excel)

Budget Form for Fiscal Year (Word)

Capital Budget Form (Excel)

Capital Budget Form (Word)

Program Request Budget (Excel)

Program Request Budget (Word)

Statement of Revenue/Support and Expense (Excel)

Statement of Revenue/Support and Expense (Word)

Common Grant Application

Grant Application Short Form

Grant Report Summary

Letter of Inquiry

Scholarship Application

Description: The zipped file is below and includes all the forms listed above

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  • PC users: right-click on link and select “save target as."
  • MAC users: click and hold on link, then choose “download link to disk.”

Once it is saved to your computer, double click on the icon to unzip it. If you are having problems opening the zipped file, you can download the free trial version of Stuffit by clicking on your computer system below and following the instructions given.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 614.224.1344.

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