Markers that Matter: Success Indicators in Early Learning and Education

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October 10, 2013
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July, 2013

Ultimately, this report is intended to spark thinking, conversation, and action about the potential role of indicators to support the healthy development of young children—not just in Bremerton and Boston, but in communities  across the country. The indicators and themes identified reflect a broad understanding of a changing field—where the health of a whole system enables the healthy development of young children, where indicators can be used to understand and address inequities across racial and cultural groups, and where a common language facilitates enhanced communication and coordination on behalf of all kids. This report aims to inspire the range of early childhood actors to see the value of early learning indicators in their work and to motivate them to use existing and emerging indicators to ensure that all children are nurtured, supported, and prepared for success in school, work, and life.

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