Ohio Sign-On Letter: Stand against Anti-Asian racism and violence

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April 16, 2021
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April, 2021

Philanthropy Ohio has signed on to OPAWL’s letter to Governor Mike DeWine and the Ohio State Legislature: Stand against Anti-Asian racism and violence, which demands concrete action to ensure the safety, recovery and resilience of Ohio's Asian, Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities.

We are heartbroken and devastated by the shooting of six Asian women in Atlanta. This tragedy has brought to the forefront the collective fear, anger and pain AAPI communities have been experiencing since the start of the global pandemic. We publicly request local and state governing officials to take specific steps to address anti-Asian racism during the pandemic where anti-Asian harassment and violence is up 150% and precious lives have been lost. OPAWL is a grassroots community that organizes for social justice and elevates the voices, visibility and progressive leadership of AAPI women and nonbinary people in Ohio.

Learn more about OPAWL at opawl.org/stophate/.

Summary of OPAWL policy asks to Gov. DeWine

  1. Ensure the availability of culturally competent and in-language services for community members.
  2. Invest in programs that support and keep AAPI communities safe, without escalating the role of law enforcement.
  3. Invest resources into programming that encourages cross-racial dialogues and solidarity building. Fund the inclusion of Asian/AAPI and other vulnerable groups in any state training programs.
  4. Invest resources into bystander intervention training and public messaging to educate and empower allies to support victims, document incidents and when possible, safely intervene to de-escalate.
  5. Ensure economic recovery relief reaches AAPI essential workers, low-wage workers and small business owners, including accessible support and benefits for undocumented, immigrant and refugee AAPI community members.
  6. Fund ongoing outreach and partnership with AAPI communities.
  7. Invest in community-based organizations that are on the frontlines of crisis response and recovery, so they can continue to build community infrastructure and resilience over the long term.
  8. Fund anti-bullying interventions and ensure equitable curriculums in our public schools.
  9. Reverse the harmful decision to remove the Oriental Medicine Practitioner (OMP) license from the purview of the State Medical Board of Ohio, an act of deregulation which only further stigmatizes individuals working in the fields of massage, acupuncture and herbal medicine.
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