So what's new?

The Philanthropy Ohio website offers new and enhanced features for members that include:

  • Clean user interface
  • Simpler navigation
  • Advanced search engine with result filtering
  • Highlights of the latest news or resources in page sidebars
  • Related events and resources are suggested when looking at similar items
  • Share content feature that invites members to submit resources, tools or publications to the library
  • Enhanced user profile

What do I need to do first?

Create a password or signup for an account

We've migrated all existing users to the new platform and, if your organization has let us know about you, we've already put you in to make the process easy.  We've thrown away those confusing user names and replaced them with your email address, so it should be easy to remember.  Email address = user name!

To get started logging in, you will need to set or reset your password:

  • If you are an existing user, click the following link to SET or RESET YOUR PASSWORD. You will be asked to enter your email address (email address = user name) and we will send you a link to reset your password.  
  • If you are new to a Philanthropy Ohio member organization, let us know by selecting CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT.  
  • If you get a message saying your account already exists, surprise! We've heard of you and have already setup an account with your email address. You can follow the instructions for an existing user.

Is Philanthropy Ohio sharing my information?

We do not share the information from your profile with anyone outside of Philanthropy Ohio and its membership.  The information in your profile helps us know more about you and your interests, so we can better meet your needs. We share some of your profile information in our membership directory to help you find and connect with other members. If you want to connect with people on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter, please consider sharing those as part of your profile as well.  Just remember, this is only for you and other Philanthropy Ohio members to search and connect with each other.  Non-members cannot see these details.

How do I find information and resources?

Advanced Search Engine

The website has a powerful search engine that with a simple keyword will search the titles, page content and even within the documents attached to the pages and resources to find the most relevant information related to your search.  Just make sure you are logged in, as many materials, tools and toolkits are restricted to members only. 

How do I register for a program?

While our interface with our database is under construction, we are taking registrations via email, as noted under each program announcement. Soon we’ll have an easy registration process: after you log in, the website will know who you are and will give you special member pricing on programs and access to special events that are for members only. If you encounter any problems, please call 614.224.1344 for assistance.