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A Roadmap for Corporate Community Investment

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Learn best practices of community engagement and benchmark against the most community-minded companies in the nation, as judged by the Civic 50 framework. Key Bank, a Philanthropy Ohio member, is rated as the top leader in the financial sector leader by its measures. Margot Copeland, Chair and CEO of Key Foundation, shares illustrative examples of Key’s work institutionalizing community impact.

Understanding Millenials

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When you understand generational differences, you can maximize the potential of different age cohorts as colleagues, future leaders, and donors. This webinar provides a foundational understanding of the seven traits that drive today’s twenty-somethings. Content by Columbus-based company Lextant.

High Impact Corporate Community Involvement: Evaluation (Session 3)

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This is the final installment of our three-part webinar series reveals data can demonstrate the relationship between a company’s corporate community involvement and employee engagement, customer loyalty and other business outcomes, as well as the impact it has on societal causes. This session gives strategies, steps and survey instruments which allow you to tell compelling evidenced based stories about the social and business value of your corporate community involvement.

High Impact Corporate Community Involvement: Strategy (Session 1)

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This first of a three-part webinar series reveals how leading companies engage employee skills to leverage their business lines and other corporate assets in their philanthropic efforts. The webinar focuses on developing a company's community involvement strategy using examples of how Patagonia, FedEx, HP and other leading companies have increased their social and business impact. Whether you are looking to make big changes or take small steps, you'll glean useful tips from Bea Boccalandro's engaging exploration of how to increase the impact of your corporate giving.


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