Catalyzing Regional Economic Transformation

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A set of philanthropic institutions from across Northeast Ohio launched the Fund for Our Economic Future (the “Fund”) in 2004 to promote a regional approach for increasing economic prosperity and opportunity.
The original 28 Fund members committed a total of $30 million over three years to begin restoring regional economic competitiveness through pooled grantmaking, research and convening.

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5 Keys to Effective Donor Collaboration

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Several of the key lessons and best practices voiced at the convening are ones that we at Arabella have also learned and grappled with firsthand when providing strategic guidance, facilitation, and operational support services to a range of donor collaboratives in recent years.

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Case Studies: How Four Community Information Projects Went from Idea to Impact

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This report offers four case studies on how different foundations used information to improve the healthy functioning of their communities. The cases highlight the following: Why did each foundation support local media? How did it connect to their strategic priorities? What steps did they take to make their project successful? And what impact has it had on the issues they care about? Sharing these cases we hope provides valuable lessons for other foundations considering supporting local news and information efforts and broadening their commitment to using media and technology to engage residents.

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