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Sample Endowment Fund Bylaws-CF Lorain County

The following Bylaws are intended as a sample for your organization to use as a guide in developing similar Bylaws appropriate for your school district. Included below are sections that are applicable to, and should be included in, all school Endowment Fund Bylaws – specifically: Relationship to Board (Chapter I-B), Advisory Board Responsibilities (Chapter I-D), Advisory Board Terms (Chapter II-A & B), Donations (Chapter III-A & B), Disbursements (Chapter IV-A), and Application Process (Chapter IV-B).

Social Impact Bonds

But a new funding mechanism—social impact bonds (SIBs)—may offer an innovative means of harnessing private capital to achieve measurable gains on some of the most persistent social ills. Weiner professor of public policy Jeffrey Liebman is spearheading an effort at Harvard Kennedy School to accelerate their adoption.

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