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Staying Legal: The Pension Protection Act Webinar Recording

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It is essential that any community foundation involved in the administration of donor-advised and scholarship funds have a thorough understanding of the Pension Protection Act. This Midwest (Tri-State) Community Foundation Webinar was presented by Phil Purcell, our lawyer on call, who explained the Pension Protection Act and more.

Sample Endowment Fund Bylaws-CF Lorain County

The following Bylaws are intended as a sample for your organization to use as a guide in developing similar Bylaws appropriate for your school district. Included below are sections that are applicable to, and should be included in, all school Endowment Fund Bylaws – specifically: Relationship to Board (Chapter I-B), Advisory Board Responsibilities (Chapter I-D), Advisory Board Terms (Chapter II-A & B), Donations (Chapter III-A & B), Disbursements (Chapter IV-A), and Application Process (Chapter IV-B).


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