Ohio Philanthropy Awards

Philanthropy Ohio's Annual Awards

Nominations for this year’s awards honoring Ohio philanthropists will open on July 9 with presentations to winners occurring during Philanthropy Forward ’18, October 22-24 in Columbus.

Questions? Please contact Claudia Herrold, 614.224.1344.

Ohio Philanthropy Award

This award honors an organization or individual who has made outstanding contributions to philanthropy by demonstrating long-standing leadership in advancing philanthropy, creativity in responding to societal problems or a significant positive impact on philanthropy. This is the lifetime achievement in philanthropy award. Scroll down to see previous winners.

Ohio Philanthropy Award Winners

Hank Doll (2017)
George B. Milbourn (2016)
Gordon Wean (2015)
Denise San Antonio Zeman (2014)
Brian Frederick (2013)
George E. Espy (2012 Special Award)
John and Annie Glenn (2012)
Robert W. Briggs (2011)
Shirley Dunlap Bowser (2010)
Malvin E. Bank (2009)
Dr. Lucille G. Ford (2008)
Catherine M. Lewis (2007)
Kathryn E. Merchant (2006)
Chad P. Wick (2005)
Steven A. Minter (2004)

Emerging Philanthropist Award

This award celebrates someone who has engaged in philanthropic work for the first time during the last few years, either in a career path or as a private individual, and shows amazing potential for future leadership. Scroll down to see previous winners.

Emerging Philanthropist Award Winners

Anthony Richardson (2017)
Patrick Westerlund and Meredith Wood (2016)
Connor Reed Thomas (2015)
Andrea Timan (2014)
Cara Dingus Brook (2013)

Michael G. Shinn Award for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Philanthropy

This award recognizes an individual who has demonstrated a significant commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion in his/her philanthropic practice in Ohio. Michael G. Shinn was the founder of the Shinn Family Foundation and served as secretary of Philanthropy Ohio’s Board of Trustees until his death in March 2015. He chaired the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee, taking on primary responsibility for guiding Philanthropy Ohio’s efforts in that arena. Scroll down to see previous winners.

Michael G. Shinn Award Winners

Treye Johnson (2017)
The Community Foundation of Lorain County Board of Trustees (2016)
Kristi Andrasik (2015)

Innovation Award

This award recognizes someone who has moved Ohio philanthropy forward through an innovation or implemented an idea that led to positive change in how the philanthropic sector operates, thinks or influences communities. Scroll down to see previous winners.

Innovation Award Winners

Don Ambrose (2017)
The Ashtabula Foundation (2016)
Shiloh Turner (2014)
The George Gund Foundation (2013)
The Cleveland Foundation (2013)