Ohio Philanthropy Awards


The 2021 Philanthropy Awards

The annual Philanthropy Awards celebrate the contributions of outstanding Ohio philanthropists, specifically those in the sector who have made significant contributions to philanthropy in diversity, equity and inclusion; as an emerging leader; through innovation; or a lifetime of work.

The 2021 awards were celebrated virtually at Philanthropy Forward ’21 on Thursday, October 14, honoring funders who stepped up in a challenging year, collaborated and combined funding when people needed it the most or used an equity lens in their work. Meet the 2020 award winners – Pam Howell-Beach, Heather Clayton Terry, Social Venture Partners Cleveland and CenterPoint Energy – by watching the celebration recording below.

Ohio Philanthropy Award

Ohio Philanthropy Award nominees should have made outstanding contributions to philanthropy by demonstrating long-standing leadership in advancing philanthropy, creativity in responding to societal problems and significant positive impact on philanthropy. This is the lifetime achievement in philanthropy award.

Ohio Philanthropy Award Winners

Pam Howell-Beach (2021) | Samuel Barone (2020) | Geoffrey Gund (2019) | Richard Pogue (2018) | Hank Doll (2017) | George B. Milbourn (2016) | Gordon Wean (2015) | Denise San Antonio Zeman (2014) | Brian Frederick (2013) | George E. Espy (2012 Special Award) | John and Annie Glenn (2012) | Robert W. Briggs (2011) | Shirley Dunlap Bowser (2010) | Malvin E. Bank (2009) | Dr. Lucille G. Ford (2008) | Catherine M. Lewis (2007) | Kathryn E. Merchant (2006) | Chad P. Wick (2005) | Steven A. Minter (2004)

Emerging Philanthropist Award

Emerging Philanthropist Award nominees regardless of age should demonstrate exemplary leadership in advancing philanthropy, engagement beyond a single community, creativity in a philanthropic endeavor/project or significant accomplishment in a short period of time.

Emerging Philanthropist Award Winners

Heather Clayton Terry (2021) | Adrienne Mundorf (2020) | Rachel Goodspeed (2019) | Dan Cohn (2018) | Anthony Richardson (2017) | Patrick Westerlund and Meredith Wood (2016) | Connor Reed Thomas (2015) | Andrea Timan (2014) | Cara Dingus Brook (2013)

Michael G. Shinn Award for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Philanthropy

Michael G. Shinn Award for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion nominees should have made outstanding contributions to philanthropy by building bridges, connecting people dedicated to diversity, equity and inclusion; championing the acceptance, respect and inclusion of all; promoting justice, impartiality and fairness; forging genuine partnerships with diverse communities; and implementing diversity, equity and inclusive practices in organizational operations, grantmaking and other areas.

Michael G. Shinn was the founder of the Shinn Family Foundation and served as secretary of Philanthropy Ohio’s Board of Trustees until his death in March 2015. He chaired the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee, taking on primary responsibility for guiding Philanthropy Ohio’s efforts in that arena.

Michael G. Shinn Award Winners

Social Venture Partners Cleveland (2021) | The Raymond John Wean Foundation (2020) | John Moore (2019) | Donna and Larry James (2018) | Treye Johnson (2017) | The Community Foundation of Lorain County Board of Trustees (2016) | Kristi Andrasik (2015)

Innovation Award

Philanthropy Innovation Award nominees have moved Ohio philanthropy forward through an innovation or implemented an idea that led to positive change in how the philanthropic sector operates, thinks or impacts communities. Types of innovation can include, forming a public/private partnership, implementing a unique grantmaking strategy, leveraging resources, engaging in creative funding or investing strategy or developing a new collaboration.

Innovation Award Winners

CenterPoint Energy (2021) | Dr. Daniel Keenan, Jr. (2020) | bi3 (2019) | Gary Cates (2018) | Don Ambrose (2017) | The Ashtabula Foundation (2016) | Shiloh Turner (2014) | The George Gund Foundation (2013) | The Cleveland Foundation (2013)