Policy Priorities

Philanthropy Ohio is the leading voice to policy makers on behalf of Ohio philanthropy, working with members to bring the ideas and insights of the philanthropic sector to the table. In addition to being the recognized resource for policy makers, it engages in the public policy arena by:

  • keeping members informed about key state and federal policy issues and how they impact organized philanthropy;
  • helping members understand their role in statewide and regional issues;
  • enhancing the capacity of philanthropic organizations to engage in the policy arena;
  • building strong relationships with state and federal policy makers;
  • convening policy makers and philanthropy around critical issues; and
  • advocating on behalf of philanthropy to elected officials.

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Philanthropy Ohio Position Statements

Philanthropy Ohio submitted comments to the IRS on donor advised funds

Fully fund the 2020 US Census to assure a fair, full and accurate count of Americans.

Don't repeal the Johnson Amendment, keep nonprofits nonpartisan.