Ohio Gives

Ohio has a strong tradition of charitable giving, starting with the creation of the first community foundation in the world as well as thousands of private foundations, federated funds and corporations as well as millions of individuals. Each year, Philanthropy Ohio researches, analyzes and presents the most recent data on Ohio’s individual and organizational giving in our Ohio Gives report.


Key Findings

  • After the 2017 federal tax law changes, many fewer Ohioans itemized deductions in their federal tax returns. About 5.5% of Ohioans reported charitable contributions in 2018 compared to 24% reporting the same in 2017, which is only $4 billion in donations compared to $6.4 billion in 2017.
  • Ohio’s foundations are growing in strength, number and vitality and foundation giving was up 6.75%.
  • A majority (92%) of Ohio foundations are private foundations, and they gave just over half of all grant dollars.
  • Most of Ohio’s foundations are small (96%), with assets of less than $1 million.
  • We saw a decrease in both the number of active United Ways – down to 66 from 76 – and in the funds they awarded, which decreased by 10.5% to $136 million.

Publication date: March 2021

Click the image to download the summary infographic.

The full Ohio Gives report details 5-year giving trends for community, private and corporate foundations as well as the top 10 foundations by giving in each category. Click here to download the full report.














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