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Policy Briefing

Education Initiative Policy Briefs – 2018

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Philanthropy Ohio’s Education Initiative coalition has developed a series of targeted briefing papers aimed at helping the state’s early childhood, K-12 and post-secondary education leaders, elected officials and other key stakeholders plot a clear direction for the future of education and improved student success. It is our hope that these briefing papers will help guide Ohio leaders during upcoming policy discussions, including Ohio’s next budget.

Health Education Standards Policy Brief

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Ohio law directs schools and districts to provide age-appropriate health education on topics such as the nutritional value of food; the dangers of drug, alcohol and tobacco abuse; sex education; venereal disease; personal safety and assault prevention; and dating violence prevention.

Philanthropy Ohio Legislative Agenda

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Under the guidance of our Public Policy Committee, Philanthropy Ohio undertakes policywork in the key impact areas of education, health, housing, tax reform and promoting charitable giving. The Philanthropy Ohio Legislative Agenda details this work.