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Who will you nominate for the annual Philanthropy Awards?

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Though Philanthropy Ohio gives out the Philanthropy Awards every year, 2020 was a year unlike any other. Funders truly stepped up to help their communities; pivoted, innovated and collaborated with others and embedded diversity, equity and inclusion in their work like never before. This year, we want to celebrate those funders and elevate their stories of impact.

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Philanthropy Ohio launches new series to build capacity & enhance impact

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Philanthropy Ohio is embarking on a new pilot project to help our funder members and their grantees have a bigger impact in the community. The virtual Nonprofit Summer Learning Series that we developed will provide nonprofit organizations across the state with expert-led presentations to build their capacity and achieve goals.

Setting the table for abundance and inclusion

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When we can share our cares and concerns along with our joys and hopes, we can see one another’s humanity and perhaps find a common ground regardless of our political and social views. So how do we set a place at the table for our work in philanthropy to be inclusive of all voices?

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