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Learn about the people and practices shaping philanthropy. Dive into the latest ideas and best practices for impactful, equitable and community-centered philanthropy through an Ohio-relevant lens.

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Celebrate Ohio's women philanthropists

Thousands of women are engaged in current-day philanthropy through Women’s Funds, often organized within community foundations and sometimes as separate organizations. Many share a common focus and goal of empowering the lives of women and girls, often with a focus on those whose voices are unheard and whose lives lack opportunities. 

Ohio philanthropy supports race and gender equity

As February / Black History Month comes to a close and March / Women’s History Month dawns, a focus on excellence in leadership is fitting to uplift all that is deserving of philanthropic and social impact investment. Focusing on the struggles of our past has its place – so that we never forget. But highlighting the excellence in our legacies provides a vital and proactive perspective.